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Optimize your completion strategy and your reserves. Developed for unconventional resources.
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Hyperscalable performance

Discover 6X is "infinitely" scalable, only depending on availability of cloud infrastructure

There is no need for:
• In-house infrastructure
• Installed software
• Software license management
• Set-up, provisioning or deployment of any kind

Powered by 6X

6X is a massively parallel simulator developed by Ridgeway Kite.

6X models:
• The fracturing pumping schedule
• The leak-off
• The energy injected into the reservoir
• The rock breaking during fracturing
• The pressure & saturation profile

6X also produces a reliable well production forecast
• Flowback
• Oil, gas, water, pressure over time

Paradigm shift in usability

• Discover 6X runs from any device with a web browser
• No hardware or software to install or manage
• There are no runs or resources manage
• Process execution communication via text, email, Slack, etc.
• Sharing inputs and outputs is via a simple URL link