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Get started with Reserves

Create, share and view Reserve Reports in three simple steps
We would love to walk you through the application. Please book a demo!
Upload your files
Start by uploading your existing reserve databases made with ARIES® Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software
Our systems process the data
Our system will automatically process the data and make it available through the Reserves application to you
View, create and share
Find wells, create reserve reports, export or share them with just a few clicks...or taps if on a tablet!

Why is it exciting?

Well to company
Reserves lets you create a reserve report at any level of granularity - from one well to the whole company (or several companies) - with just a few mouse clicks.
Simple sharing
You can share the complete input configuration as well as the actual reserve reports via a web link (URL).
Track changes
You have the ability to upload and manage multiple versions of a reserve dataset allowing you to keep track of changes during the asset life cycle.
Minimum effort
No setup, or complex configuration or data loading required. Just drag and drop the MDB file created with ARIES® Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software and get started.
No learning curve
No engineering skills required and any discover.energy user can learn to use the application in just a few minutes.
It's on discover.energy
Which means it runs on any device with a compatible web browser. And it is built using cutting edge security measures to ensure the protection of sensitive data.