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Why us?

Because we changed the paradigm

It's what we have

And what you can do with it

Technical or financial?

Both - we start at the field level and connect to
company financial performance

Highly unique, bottoms-up model building process

The models are built using a consistent methodology, allowing to easily compare and review each model. Each model is built by multiple areas with unique inventories, type curves and rig based development schedules.

Production, CAPEX and OPEX costs are unique to each modeled area. All this builds up to an NAV model that feeds the financial projections, making each model consistent within itself.

OFS quarterly models help fuel the service assumptions surrounding the E&P development schedules. Service assumptions provide insight into cost inflation, deflation and all other relevant data points.

Midstream and E&P models create a feedback loop that improves assumptions in both coverages.

We have it covered

Over 50% of total US oil volume covered,
with all OFS and Midstream companies that matter